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Convene AGM
We serve the meeting needs of everyone in your company — from board members to shareholders. Building upon our award-winning board meeting software, our new product AGM@Convene aims to provide all company members with an incredible virtual AGM experience.

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Board Governance Software

Listed companies, governments, and non-profits alike have reaped unparalleled benefits for choosing Convene.

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Corporate Governance in the Digital Workplace

In the ever-changing business landscape, it is imperative that companies take proactive steps in addressing increasingly difficult challenges and make the most out of opportunities. To do so, it must consider using a corporate governance software such as a board portal to stay ahead in the digital age.

A board portal enables business leaders to go beyond the boardroom, manage operations more efficiently, comply with rules and standards, and improve decision-making. By taking into account all the critical information from relevant parties, it streamlines processes and enhances productivity and accountability.

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Comprehensive features right at your fingertips

Know more about our powerful tools designed to elevate corporate governance across your entire organisation.

  • Key Features - Pre-Meeting Preparation



    Minimise backlogs and inefficiencies in preparing for meetings

    • Drag and drop files
    • Create an agenda
    • Schedule meetings
    • Set access levels
    • Invite Participants
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  • Key Features - During Meeting Presentation

    Meeting Presentation

    Engage directors and ensure efficient decision making in the boardroom

    • Start remote meetings
    • Make annotations
    • Vote on items
    • Enable page sync
    • Direct attention
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  • Key Features - Post Meeting Documentation


    Document Distribution

    Securely distribute confidential information to members of the board

    • Summarise meetings
    • Send minutes
    • Track actions
    • Export items
    • Download meeting pack
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Azeus A CCMI Level 5 Company

Why Azeus?

As a CMMI level 5 company with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, we have a team of more than 300 engineers who have an unparalleled background in software development and maintenance.

With our deep pool of expertise, Azeus is your reliable partner that speaks your language. We are much more than a pure product manufacturer as we ensure successful implementation that exceeds your expectation.

  • 250 IT projects for over 60 public authorities
  • 25+ Years of successfully delivering IT solution
  • 300+ IT professionals wordwide
  • 100 Countries In Our International Customer Base
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More than Security

Here at Convene, we prioritise your security as well as promote good governance practices and efficiency as you make crucial decisions in your enterprise.

  • Powerful Collaboration and Decision Tools
    Powerful Collaboration and Decision Tools

    Streamline collaboration through Convene’s Live Presentation features such as Page Sync, Laser Pointer, Shared Annotations, Real-time Synchronisation, Live Meeting Minutes and more.

  • Flexible Hosting Option
    Flexible Hosting Option

    With Convene, administrators have full system ownership: from managing user accounts, groups, and role-based permissions to customising system settings and security preferences.

  • Fully-Owned, Access-based System
    Fully-Owned, Access-based System

    With Convene, administrators have full system ownership: from managing user accounts, groups, and role-based permissions to customising system settings and security preferences.

  • Cross Platform Access
    Cross Platform Access

    Directors, executives and administrators can access Convene anytime and anywhere, whether online or offline, using their preferred device.

  • End-to-end Meeting Management
    End-to-end Meeting Management

    With Convene’s comprehensive meeting features, administrators can easily manage meetings from preparation to finish.

  • Strong Integration Support
    Strong Integration Support

    Convene integrates with solutions such as Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox, MS Exchange, Office 365 and LDAP/ADFS.

Certified by

  • Convene's ISO 27001 certification ensures information security.
  • Convene's ISO 27017 certification ensures information security.
  • Convene's ISO 27018 certification ensures information security.
  • Convene's AICPA SOC 3 certification ensures that your data on the cloud is safeguarded.
  • Convene's AICPA SOC 2 certification ensures that your data on the cloud is safeguarded.
  • Convene is created by an ISO 9001-certified company, ensuring quality work all the time.
  • Convene is guaranteed to protect sensitive information with its SSAE 16 certification.

Top-Notch Governance Across Your Entire Enterprise

As a multi-awarded product, Azeus Convene takes pride in being the most efficient and economical governance solution in the market.

  • Rapidly Expanding Client Base

    Rapidly Expanding Client Base

    We are the fastest growing governance software in the market. In just six years, we have established our presence in more than 100 countries and have earned the trust of well-known institutions.

  • Continuous Product Improvement

    Continuous Product Improvement

    Our commitment to excellence is best exhibited in our active efforts to enhance Convene. Now in its fifth generation, our product team has continuously worked on enhancing our product.

  • Numerous Awards and Recognitions

    Numerous Awards and Recognitions

    Even if we are one of the newer products in this space, we have already been able to establish a name for ourselves by getting distinctions from prestigious international bodies and associations.

  • Multiple Languages

    Multiple Languages

    Convene is now available in 11 international languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, and Japanese.

Why choose Convene

World Class Global Support

Convene’s team of highly trained Product Support Specialists is passionate about and dedicated to providing enterprise- level service and support to clients wherever they are and whenever they need it.

  • 365/24/7 global support

    365/24/7 global support network to serve clients in more than 100 countries

  • Zero queue rates for calls and chat

    Zero queue rates for calls and chat

  • Timely and accurate responses

    Timely and accurate responses within a single call

  • Tailor-fit responses and resolutions

    Tailor-fit responses and resolutions

  • Hands-on system engineers assistance

    Hands-on system engineers assistance

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Not convinced? Read up on why others have chosen Convene.

Get first-hand accounts on why our customers chose us over competitors.

  • Loughborough College Logo

    “When we were looking to replace BoardPad, we conducted a follow up review of the previous board solution providers we had received offers from to ensure we were making the correct choice the second time round.

    We looked at Diligent, the solution which was being sold to us as a replacement for BoardPad and had several long conversations with them. We attended a full product briefing and demonstration; however, we came away with the strong feeling that Diligent would not address the needs of our governance or clerical professionals.”

    - Ian Jones, Clerk
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  • Maryborough District Health Service

    “Among the shortlisted products, Convene beats out competitors like Diligent and BoardVantage as it is the most economical and user-friendly solution.”

    - Tara Cramer, Operations Manager
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  • Seventh Day Adventist Church – South Pacific Division

    “We looked into other solutions such as Diligent and BoardPad. We requested the demo and then had a trial with Convene. We were just very happy with it so we went ahead and chose to implement Convene. Convene is also more user-friendly and cost-efficient than the others that we tested.”

    - Danijela Schubert, Associate Division Secretary
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