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PayMe Group is Australia’s leading contractor payroll and salary packaging consultants. They have been using Convene since November 2017 for their monthly board meetings.

PayMe Group is an award-winning Australian family owned and operated company that specialises in contracting payroll.

Ian Lindgren, the Executive Chairman, shares their experience on using Convene.

The Need for a Solution

Prior to using Convene, a regular meeting for the PayMe Group Board required printing board packs with an average of 75 pages each for eight meeting participants. The entire printing process would take nearly a whole day for just one board pack which is then distributed by hand to participants so that they can prepare for the meeting. This process becomes quite taxing as the company has monthly meetings with all eight participants; four board members and four CEOs that govern the four companies that the PayMe Group is composed of.

Not to mention the expenses for the labour and materials would reach almost 10,000 AUD for the whole year. With that, they set out to look for a solution to streamline their meetings in an effort to replace all manual processes with integrated information systems and to eventually go paperless.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Ian explained the four main objectives the solution they were looking for should possess: easily adoptable by their members, operable on all platforms, hosted within a secure environment, and synchronisable and accessible offline.

They had demonstrations with four different board portal solution providers: BoardEffect, IntelligenceBank, Diligent, and Convene. After going through the same evaluation process per provider, they found that Convene was the perfect fit for PayMe Group. In comparison with the other providers, Convene was set at the most reasonable price point for their needs and met the objectives they sought after, while having additional features that proved to be useful in the long run.

Unlike Convene, IntelligenceBank did not have the presentation tools they needed such as a laser pointer. BoardEffect had features they did not want and wasn’t able to operate on all platforms. Finally, Diligent did not have a calendar indicating when upcoming meetings would be held and no meeting minutes generator.

Stand-Out Features

When asked about what features stood out for them, he told us first about how they liked the laser pointer: “We found that the laser pointer is a brilliant concept; the presenter is able to draw everybody’s attention to a particular area of a page during the meeting.” They also appreciated that Convene is able to generate minutes of the meeting and the file is automatically distributed to the meeting participants right after the meeting had ended. It was very convenient for them to have more productive meetings.

Apart from those two features, Ian also highlighted the support Convene provides: “Real-time support is very important to us. In our own business, every call is answered within 3 rings.” During the board’s evaluation of Convene we telephoned Azeus Convene Support and our call was answered within 1-2 rings. This sent a powerful message during the board evaluation because Convene demonstrated that it really has 24/7 support.”

As to how they found the support given to them, he went on to say, “I actually did ask the lady who answered the phone how to do a certain activity and she was able to explain it to me. It was good and she was brilliant!”

The New Meeting Process

At the time of this interview, they have been using Convene to run their meetings for four months and overall, they had to say “without a doubt, the board members had fun and enjoyed using Convene and it was helpful to the meeting process.”

Compared to their previous means of preparing and conducting meetings, they are definitely looking to extend their use of Convene for their monthly board meetings and soon to the business level as it is more secure and it gives them more time now for other activities.

Interview with Ian Lindgren, the Executive Chairman

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