BYOD Workplace Training — Bridging Gaps Between Solitude and Groupthink

by Alexandrea Roman on December 26, 2013 and last updated on March 6, 2019

‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) workplace training provides companies with a unique opportunity to inject group resources into the creative process of the introverted thinker. Creativity blossoms when individuals are given the freedom to work with personal devices while maintaining an independent and individualistic method of interaction. The power of BYOD training promotes privacy without hindering the exchange of advanced ideas.

According to a New Your Times Sunday Review opinion page by author Susan Cain, both history and research confirm a distinct link between privacy, freedom from interruption and personal creativity. Furthermore, this type of personality is enhanced by the individual’s capacity to reach out to others, exchange ideas and then return to the uninterrupted freedom of personal creativity.

Reflecting on the Pros and Cons of BYOD Mobile Socialisation

The mobile industry is much more than communications, games and reducing business expenses. The entire focus of Blackberry sets in mind the concept of young people learning how to apply passion and creative skills toward workplace success. Rightly applied, BYOD workplace training deals with finding a balance between the creative resources of the individual and the needs of the corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship.

In support for using BYOD workplace training to bridge the gaps between creativity, solitude and mobile communication technology, Canadian office furniture business professional D. Moses begins by addressing the negative impacts of modern workplace strategies and space design. Writing through the resources of the MIT Sloan Management Review page, Mr. Moses addresses the dangers of adopting modern technology for the sole purpose of reducing operating expenses. Leaping in without careful consideration of your motives and goals may kill the creativity that generates the essence of your future business growth.

Yet when used correctly, BYOD workplace training can educate, motivate and inspire creative personalities to take part in groupthink sessions while enabling them to process ideas through those private and creative regions of undisclosed thoughts.

Putting BYOD Workplace Training To Work

Engaging employees in the company training process without crushing the creative spirit can be difficult. Modern introverts are described as people mainly concerned with the ideas, thoughts and concepts of their inner mind. They are often reluctant to share ideas. However, this does not imply that the introvert is incapable of opening up, engaging in conversation or hashing out concepts.

As the designer and implementer of BYOD workplace training programs, your job is to engage the introvert in groupthink projects without compromising the way they work and think. But how do you make that happen?

  • Recognise that the use of personal devices improves employee job satisfaction.
  • Acknowledge the productivity benefits of users working with familiar devices.
  • Cast away the concept of using BYOD as a means of reducing company overhead.
  • Focus on the best way to deliver group training over a new medium.
  • Remember the power of visual instruction processes.
  • Consider your audience, the most common devices in use and the best file format for the project.
  • Prompt for group discussions.
  • Monitor and restrict excessive individual dominance of the discussions.


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