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Is Having a Board Portal Software Necessary in the New Normal?

by Venz Salvador on and last update on December 17, 2020

The pandemic has upturned life as we know it. Definitely, a lot of the disruption is here to stay. Businesses across the globe had to adapt to the new normal created by the pandemic.


So, the question stands – is a board portal software necessary to navigate the new reality?


In the New Normal, Attend to These Five Five Key Principles First

Remote tools are critical to ensuring the well-being of every company. Also, they help board members stay on top of business operations.


These key business operations can be divided into five principles:


#1. Ensure employees have the necessary support and infrastructure for remote work. Board portals are a handy way to develop and update remote-work policies.


#2. Collaborate on short- and long-term strategies.


#3. Work on risk management and risk-mitigating practices. In the case of a localized outbreak or disruptions to different business locations caused by COVID-19 restrictions, robust risk management measures will help you respond properly and quickly.


#4. Iterate on risk response procedures based on insight from the front liners to the top management. The management can document the current status of different business areas in the board portal software for easy, remote collaboration and analysis.


#5. Monitor how the implemented strategies are unfolding via remote report distribution regarding external and internal situations at the organization.


A Board Portal Helps Complete Tasks and Processes during Social Distancing

Social distancing has so far been one of the most effective ways of stopping the spread of the virus.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), social distancing is still the best way to help decrease the spread of the virus.


So until there’s a global vaccination program available, social distancing will most likely stay on top of recommended steps to control the COVID-19 pandemic.


Most businesses have to maintain operations in spite of social distancing restrictions imposed. With that said, board meetings are crucial to oversee core operations and help the board take appropriate action whenever necessary.


Board portals support board members in organizing and conducting board meetings securely and conveniently. As such, agendas and board packs can be distributed to all participants, along with instructions how to use the board portal software.


Combat the Looming Health Risk that Complicates Day-to-Day Activities

While some professions and projects can’t be attended to 100% remotely, board portals serve as a bridge between remote collaboration and the need to meet physically.


In this way, a board portal is a safe and secure hub for conducting remote-friendly operations. This allows the top management and the board members to decrease the number of in-person meetings. Furthermore, this helps mitigate health risk thanks to reduced in-person exposure.


Board portals are a great tool to help board members and senior management conduct business operations without having to meet physically.


Keep Track of Changing Workplace Health Policies and Procedures

Many countries have strict workplace restrictions for companies. Consequently, staying up to date with the often rapidly changing documentation processes require a single platform to keep information organized and easily updated.


Risk-mitigating procedures change along with the severity of COVID-19 in a given country and region. For example, there are engineering and administrative controls outlining steps to undertake. These controls depend on the number of coronavirus infections per 100,000 people.


A board portal can be used to collaborate on important documentation, e.g., risk assessment procedures as well as engineering and administrative controls.


Thus, employers around the world implement special risk-decreasing measures to keep employees safe.


These strategies include:

  • daily health checks
  • implementing social distancing practices
  • adjusting the ventilation system to improve airflow
  • assessing occupational hazards


A Shifting Perspective toward Remote Meetings

The global shift to remote work and meetings proved that businesses can maintain a high quality of operations with remote solutions.


So even when social distancing restrictions are lifted, it might turn out that physical meetings can still be limited because remote solutions are effective enough to become the status quo.


Physical meetings often require the participants to commute, incur travel and accommodation cost, or set aside significant chunks of time for in-person meetings.


Remote meetings via board portals are a convenient way to improve many business processes without the burden of physical meetings. In fact, board portals offer an effective way to deal with the influx of new responsibilities faced by the boards from all around the world.


As the New Normal Begins, Board Portal Software Helps Streamline Operations


The efficiency of remote communication and collaboration tools such as board portals help businesses thrive in the new landscape shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, board portals give board members and top management a framework for improved information flow and governance.


Convene provides all essential features to ensure streamlined remote collaboration, supporting leadership in their roles and responsibilities. Sign up for a free demo to check how Convene can help your board.

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Learn how Convene can give you a great meeting experience. Get a 30-day free trial with no cost or obligation.

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