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Convene Joins Two of Asia's Biggest Trade Shows

by Alexandrea Roman on and last update on July 08, 2019

Last August, Azeus featured Convene in two of this year’s most anticipated tech trade shows in Asia, Software and Creative Industries Exhibition (SCIE) 2013 and SmartHK 2013.

SCIE was held on Aug. 23 to 26 at Hall IE, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. The event presented more than 400 booths, each one showcasing the latest technologies and digital industry trends. Professionals from different sectors gathered round Convene’s booth as the product team made a demo of the app’s many capabilities as a comprehensive board and enterprise meeting solution.

A few days after, SmartHK took place at the Poly World Trade Expo Center in Guangzhou on Aug. 28 to 29. This trade show aimed to connect service providers in Hong Kong with potential clients in mainland China. Just like in SCIE, Convene attracted the interest of corporate and business executives from various industries, proving once again the app’s universal appeal and versatility.

The product team also had something good to say about the participants’ reception of Convene. “Everywhere we go, we get the same positive feedback. I think people really understand the need for paperless remote meetings, whether we’re talking about board meetings or just your regular staff meetings,” another member shared.

Azeus plans to be an active participant in more tech trade shows and events around Asia in the near future as part of the company’s effort to bring awareness to the benefits of mobile computing.

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